Council Approves Purchase of New 75’ Ladder Truck

March 05,2024

The Enterprise Fire Department will add a second ladder truck to its fleet in Fiscal Year 2026 after a unanimous vote Tuesday by the Enterprise City Council.

Fire Chief Christopher Davis requested permission to purchase the 75’ Aerial Apparatus from Sunbelt Fire, Inc. for $1.15 million. Funding will be through the Fire Fee account, with an approximate shortfall of $200,000 to come from the General Fund.

“This HP75 Ladder Truck will allow us to better protect the citizens of Enterprise by adding more resources to our fleet,” Chief Christopher Davis said. “Emergencies don’t always happen at ground level and this aerial apparatus will allow us vertical reach for ventilation or rescue tasks.”

Davis said the new truck will help meet the growing demands of the community.

“As we prepare for future growth of Enterprise and the surrounding area, it is important to be prepared. I am appreciative of our City Council and Mayor Cooper for having the foresight to prepare now for equipment we expect to need in the next few years.”