EFD to donate fire truck

August 01,2023

Enterprise City Council Tuesday voted to donate a fire truck to the Coffee County Volunteer Firefighters Association.

Fire Chief Christopher Davis requested to donate the 1989 E-One Cyclone Fire Truck after the department recently received a newer engine. Davis said he hopes the donation will strengthen the emergency response community.

“The Coffee County Volunteer Firefighters Association is a brotherhood,” Chief Christopher Davis said. “We’ve been there for them and they’ve been there for us.  This is another way we can support our community and better protect all citizens of Coffee County.”

The fire engine was manufactured in July 1990 and today has more than 58,000 miles.  When the engine was put in service, Billy Joe Watson was Fire Chief and Herbert J. Cooper was Assistant Fire Chief.  A plaque, bearing the names of the Chiefs, as well as Mayor Jacquelyn Thompson, Council President William E. (Bill) Cooper, Council members Max Ellis, Herbert Gannon, Sr., Johnny Henderson and Jim McQueen, as well as City Administrator Carl Griffin are listed.

Plaque on firetruck 

All Enterprise identification will be removed from the truck prior to the donation. The plaque mentioned above will remain at Central Fire Station with other departmental memorabilia.